1100L Drop Front 4x wheels Red Wheelie Bin

Product number: 28992

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1100 litre bin front opening hard waring bin suitable for waste storage and consildation

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The 1100L Red Wheelie Bin ; – consisting of four wheels- front opening, ideal container for environments that produce large ;volumes ;of waste such as commercial and industrial settings.
Resistant to UV, frost heat and chemicals. Designed to fit DIN and comb-lift devises .Solid rubber casters swivel through 360 degree for optimal handling and manoeuvrability.
Fitted 2x foot brakes and 2″ water drain with bungs.
Well positioned handles facilitate convenient handling from all side of the container. ;
Material – Polyethylene
; ;
The four wheeled 1100L wheelie bin is the prefect solution for waste storage and consolidation.

Available in other colours ; ;

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