Stretch-2-Fit Gloves Large Blue – Pack of 200

Product number: 15482M

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Stretch-2-Fit gloves are hypoallergenic, approved by the NHS to EN455 but are also suitable for the food industry

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Stretch-2-Fit , a hypoallergenic glove with no residual chemicals or powder which are the biggest cause of skin irritation to the user. ; Whilst this glove is completely food safe and tested to EU1186-1, passing all four stimulant tests which vinyl gloves are unable to do, it has also been approved by the NHS to EN455, parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 and is suitable for all uses to replace either latex or vinyl.

The design allows a better fit as it stretches to the finger ends, giving more feel and ;dexterity. ; There is no ;cuff collapse allowing air to circulate to the palm giving less hand sweat and if used, in cold temperatures it will not become brittle, like vinyl. ;

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