Sebo Commercial Vacuum Paper Bag 1×10

Product number: 1400

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Sebo vacuum bag – compatable with Sebo Vacuum Cleaners – Automatic X7 and -X1-X4-X5-X7-XP2

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Paper vacuum bag – to fit SEBO Vacuum Cleaner 1×10

Range ; – SEBO X Series X1, X1.1, X2, X3, XP2, XP3, X4, X4 Extra,X5 ; Extra X7 X8 C Series C1, C2, C2 Total, C3, Sensor

Fits Sebo / Ensign automatic x machines, including forX1, X2, X3, X1.1, X4, X4 EXTRA, X4 PET, X4 EXCEL, X5 EXTRA, XP2, XP3, X1.1 ECO,X4 EXTRA ECO, X4 PET ECO, X5 EXTRA ECO, C1, C2, C2 TOTAL, C3

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