Coming Soon – Online Account Management

With growing workloads, and a focus on getting business back on track, you need fast easy management of your product portfolio, order processing and access to our complete catalogue of product lines in the palm of your hand. Our new Customer Portal and Smart Device App will give you exactly that and much more. Manage […]

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WH 10

Essential Post Brexit Warehousing Development Opens Ahead of Schedule

Merton Group UK Ltd are over pleased to announce the opening of our new warehouse facility! Built with the unknowns of Brexit and ongoing challenges of COVID in mind, the new facility offers essential additional warehousing space for much needed buffer stock. The planned development was completed on December 21st, ahead of schedule and is […]

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COVID-19 Statement

Merton Group UK Ltd continue to remain fully operational and have large volumes of essential products including Hand Sanitiser Gels and Cleaner Sanitisers that kill COVID19/coronavirus. We thank all of our clients for working with us throughout the ongoing crisis and are pleased to continue to support them as they reopen their places of business. […]

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Dirtiest Moments in World Cup History: Honourable Mentions

Welcome back, well the World Cup is over and England are the 4th best team in the world! In an effort to re-live some of the great moments of the past month we have continued with our controversial and dirty World Cup moments with some honourable mentions, make sure to check out part 1 here […]

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Top 10 Dirtiest Moments in World Cup History

Here at Merton Group we supply a wide range of cleaning products and love keeping things clean. However, the same can’t be said throughout the history of the World Cup. To tie in with our World Cup Spot the Ball Competition, we have compiled a list of what we believe are the dirtiest and most […]

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