7-ToiletRollDispenserDual Stub Toilet Roll Dispenser

This small jumbo toilet paper dispenser offers a stylish, innovative design. Hard wearing and versatile, the cleaning operative is able to place a full roll alongside a part-used roll, thereby reducing paper waste and helping to keep the cubicle neat and tidy.
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6-MiniHandTowelsMini Hand Towels

This half-sized interleaf hand towel is made especially for children’s hands. Being the exact size required means less unused towel being thrown away, offering a cost effective solution to any children’s setting such as nurseries, primary schools and children’s hospitals and clinics.
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Ecodosing thumbnailEcodosing

Ecodosing is an exciting new concept to the market which uses a clever dispensing mechanism allowing accurate measured shots of the super concentrated liquid without the need for a dispenser.
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Stretch 2 Fit Gloves

These clever new vinyl glove alternatives deliver a better product whilst saving you money. Super safe and hypoallergenic these gloves offer more benefits than any other disposable glove on the market. Sidestep vinyl shortages and prices rises now!
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5-FoamSoapFoam Soap

Used in conjunction with a modular foam soap dispenser, an economical 0.6ml shot of product is foamed into a luxurious 20ml ball of foam which makes our foam soap a cost-effective alternative to standard liquid soap pouches.
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8-ViralPlusSanitiserViral Plus Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitiser

Our Viral Plus Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitiser is developed to meet the requirements of the food industry. Leaves the hands dry, non-sticky and with no residual odour. Highly effective in places where there is a risk of cross infection such as medical and care service applications.
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