Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

In compliance with EU cookie legislation and GDPR, this Cookie Policy page serves to inform visitors of cookies used on this website.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie (or web cookie, internet cookie, browser cookie) is a small piece of data transferred from a website to your computer, smartphone or tablet via the web browser being used to browse the website. The contents of the data is saved in a small text file. A cookie is used to help websites remember stateful information such as shopping basket contents or usernames for authentication. They are used in order to assist with the functionality of the website.

Cookies can either be ‘session’ based (expiring when the web browser closes) or ‘persistent’ (expiring at a specific date or after a specific time).

Session cookies are used to keep track of information needed by a user and their browser on their journey through a website. Persistent cookies can enable to data to be stored and accessed the next time you visit a site and also enable basic web traffic analysis using Google Analytics or similar analytical tools.

Your web browser can control how cookies are handled. To learn more about cookies and how to control them, you may wish to visit Here you will also find information on how to delete cookies for various web browser applications.

Does Merton Group Use Cookies?

Our website uses both session and persistent cookies to enable various functions on the website such as the ‘Shopping List’ and to track how user’s interact with the website. By disabling cookies, some of these enhanced features on the website may cease to work. For more information about the protection of data, please refer to our GDPR & Privacy Policy.

3rd Party Cookies

Merton Group UK Ltd make use of the Google Analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics use cookies on many websites in order to analyse visitor usage patterns and to track advertising. Merton Group UK Ltd use the information obtained from Google Analytics to improve the user experience of the website.

For more information about Google’s Privacy Policy, please visit:-