Who We Are

ABOUT-FILLER-17Merton Group are a UK based manufacturer of an extensive range of Supagreen disposable paper products and suppliers of cleaning and hygiene products to a wide range of businesses, industries, government bodies and institutions.

Since its foundation back in the 70’s, Merton Group has maintained a record of continuous growth and currently occupies premises comprising more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

It is the firm belief of Merton Group that its success is based around the quality of its products, the exceptional service and customer care.

Our Quality Goal

ACCREDS2Merton Group is proud of it’s long standing approach to environmental issues. Effective, high quality products should never mean careless destruction of resources and irresponsible production methods. Where possible only premium recycled materials are used in our manufacturing process, in addition to only developing and supplying cleaning and hygiene products that have a minimal impact on the environment.

Highest Possible Standards

Merton Group is a company that takes quality issues very seriously. We are registered and approved to ISO 9001.2015 for both manufacturing and supply, and we hold membership of all relevant trade associations, including the primary body of the Cleaning and Hygiene Suppliers’ Association.

We are stringent in our adherence to government regulations and guidelines concerning products that we sell. Chief amongst these are COSHH, CHIP and REACH. Under these regulations we provide safety data sheets for all products that might carry any health hazard and we ensure that all labelling contains data that is relevant to safety.

Our concern is to ensure that all customers receive:

  • Quality Products
  • Quality Service
  • Quality Information


A complete solution provider

Onsite Production


When looking to increase value for money most companies look to cut out the middle man.

This is what makes Merton Group different. We manufacture paper products onsite at our Leicester facility to drive down the costs of our products whilst passing on the saving to you the customer.

Merton Group’s Supagreen disposable paper products are converted on-site. An advanced paper converter at the head of our production line turns large reels of premium recycled paper into a wide variety of tissue products, which pass through an automatic cutter before arriving at twin packing stations.

On site conversion ensures that our products are of the highest standard, using premium recycled paper to exact sizes and specifications.

Merton Group believes that high quality products should not damage the environment or your balance sheets whilst never compromising on quality. We have invested heavily in the latest production equipment ensuring the very best for your company whatever your need.

Trade Counter

The Merton Group trade counter is specifically designed for you the customer. Ideal for smaller scale and even medium sized orders the trade counter allows for rapid purchase and pick up.

Offering a fantastic range of products at incredibly competitive prices, the trade counter allows you to pick up the products that you need, FAST!

Purchasing direct from Merton Group also has other great customer benefits, including

  • Expert product advice on all product ranges
  • Information on new and up and coming product ranges
  • Exclusive savings on selected lines

At the Merton Group trade counter on selected ranges you can instantly save money on the products that you buy. Some of our products even carry exclusive discounts only available to trade counter customers.

Product Delivery

Merton FleetOur extensive warehousing and distribution facilities allow us to provide an excellent high quality product delivery service to our customers to any part of the country. Other benefits our facilities offer include:

  • The maintenance of high stock levels for all of our products, at all times.
  • Rapid response to customer orders as they are placed.
  • Quick and effective loading of any size vehicle ensuring the highest quality delivery.

With our very own fleet of transport vehicles, we ensure that customers receive their orders right on time in perfect condition. Orders are delivered by Merton Group employees, further ensuring quality.

We believe that packing, loading and delivery of our products should be done by Merton Group employees. This ensures that we meet and even exceed our customers exacting standards.

Based at the heart of the motorway network, we are able to effectively deliver to all areas of the country with ease at anytime and anywhere in the British Isles.