Merton Group Delivers the Goods with its New Fleet of Vehicles

A NEW Merton Group Truck

Merton Group has been successfully manufacturing and supplying disposable paper products for over 35 years from its headquarters in Leicester.

Whilst many companies have been struggling to survive the recession Merton Group continues to have an increased demand for its products and services from both existing customers and the successful acquisition of substantial new business contracts. It was with this in mind that the group made the decision to purchase a fleet of company Lorries capable of greater carrying capacity in order to satisfy consumer needs.

Company co-owner Peter Cheeseman is clear on the reasons for Merton Group’s continued growth, “As a manufacturer of high quality recycled paper disposables we can ensure that our products meet all of our customer’s needs and expectations. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our exceptional customer service.”  When asked about how Merton Group has been able to withstand the pressures of the current economic climate Peter Cheeseman was unequivocal, “Because of our in-house manufacturing, we are more able to control costs directly and because of this we can pass savings onto our customers. This is why our customers keep buying our products and why Merton Group is looking forward to another successful decade. Our business projections for the future continue to look profitable with even further customer growth and new contract acquisitions making the vehicle expenditure an intelligent and justified business solution.”

Company co-owner Philip Tipton explains, “We needed to purchase the vehicles to meet the increased demand for our products.  Merton Group have long held the belief that a commitment to the environment is the foundation that any business should be built upon. Because of this Merton have sourced vehicles which utilise the latest emission reducing technology thereby meeting the strictest European standards.”

Merton Group has been based in Leicester for the past 35 years and continues to serve the local community as a whole.  If you would like to find out more about this, or Merton Group in general then please contact our Customer Support Unit.

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