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Reduce your costs and create a greener future with Merton Group UK Ltd

Merton Group UK Ltd have been a trusted UK manufacturer of disposable paper products and distributor of quality cleaning and janitorial supplies for over 37 years.

We are proud to offer a selection of product innovations that are designed to provide a wide range of cleaning, janitorial, washroom and hygiene solutions. Our innovations are exceptional quality, professionally packaged and available at competitive prices. Created to deliver substantial cost-in-use savings.



We would like to introduce our latest innovation which is already creating substantial savings for many of our customers. The aim was to offer the latest in accurately dosed cleaning chemical solutions, preventing overuse and unnecessary expenditure whilst maximising transportation and storage capabilities.

To save space, time and money whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

The solution comes in 2 formats, a liquid super concentrate Ecodosing and a powder sachet option Envodose.


Ecodosing is an exciting new concept to the market which uses a clever dispensing mechanism allowing accurate measured shots of the super concentrated liquid without the need for the cumbersome and costly dispenser units.

Quick and easy to use, the portable, lightweight bottles deliver a controlled dose of super concentrate directly into either a 750ml trigger spray bottle or bucket. Huge savings are created across the board when compared to typical 5 litre options as a single 1 litre bottle of Ecodosing would replace 15 five litre bottles of chemical!

Ecodosing at a glance –

  • Super concentrated
  • Comprehensive range
  • Accurate, controlled dosing
  • 10ml per shot
  • 100 Shots per 1ltr bottle
  • For trigger sprays and buckets
  • Full training provided
  • Compact & much easier to store
  • Portable
  • Easy to handle and transport
  • Easier to dose
  • No costly equipment required
  • Much less wastage produce
  • Less products on site to manage and monitor
  • Control costs and eliminate product waste

Ecodosing’s range of controlled dose super concentrates gives you all the cost efficient, mobile, cleaning power you need, in one neat little package! Typically creating cost-in-use savings of 60%!

Available in 1 litre and 250ml options including –
Multipurpose, Washroom, Viral Plus, Food Area Safe, Glass & Stainless Steel, Disinfectant, and Floor Maintainer.

See the full range here.


The Envodose range of tabs and caps has been specifically designed to provide incredible cleaning power from concentrated sachets. By reducing space and delivery costs, Envodose is a product range for all situations and cleaning environments. Floor care, washroom, medical and catering areas can all be cleaned with Envodose.

Envodose benefits at a glance –

Envodose delivers a lot of the same great environmental and cost reduction benefits as our Ecodosing range, like –

  • Reduced transport costs
  • Accurate dosing, reducing product waste
  • An amazing range of effective products
  • A reduced carbon footprint
  • Rationalised product usage

Available in 150 sachet buckets and tubs of 20.

See the full range here.



SupaGreen is our premium, high quality brand of recycled disposable paper which are both environmentally friendly and cost effective, offering the consumer superior paper products that meets their environmental needs without inflated costs. SupaGreen papers fit the majority of existing dispensers or can be supplied with their own dispenser options.

Our recycled papers have undergone a sophisticated de-inking and washing process. This process uses no bleach and therefore dramatically reduces the discharge of harmful dioxins. The energy source for drying and steaming is natural gas and the water system is filtered and recycled to give further energy savings. All waste solids are inert and virtually harmless and the process also has the benefit of giving the paper a higher tensile strength as a result of slower bonding of the fibres.

All materials are traceable throughout the supply chain and documented through our chain of custody practice. All of our products are developed with the aim of maximising biodegradability, the lowest toxicity and optimum skin tolerance.

Supagreen helps us continue our longstanding commitment of improving our and our customers environmental impact whilst maintaining great quality. Currently used by the NHS, ESPO, DOMINOS PIZZA GROUP and many more we are successfully providing more environmental products to more people every day, helping them reduce their environmental impact too.

See our papers here.

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