COVID-19 Statement


Merton Group UK Ltd continue to remain fully operational and have large volumes of essential products including Hand Sanitiser Gels and Cleaner Sanitisers that kill COVID19/coronavirus.

We thank all of our clients for working with us throughout the ongoing crisis and are pleased to continue to support them as they reopen their places of business.

Our Trade Counter is not open for walk in customers but you are able to call (0116 231 4040) or email ([email protected]) to place your orders and arrange collection.


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The UK is now experiencing what continues to be a global challenge regarding the unprecedented spread of COVID-19 (caused by Coronavirus 2019-nCov).

The current global situation regarding COVID-19 is having a dramatic effect on supply chains around the world. Closer to home we are facing increasing difficulties regarding the production of hand sanitising products and antibacterial wipes. The raw materials and component parts used to manufacture these products are seeing the highest demand in history, whilst suffering supply chain bottle necks, disruption and even closures due to areas (i.e. China and Italy) under extreme pressure from the virus.

We are seeing some unexpected behaviour in the market place which we believe is an unacceptable response to an increasingly difficult situation. We do not believe that these circumstances should be capitalised and as such are doing all we can to minimise the impact to our customer base.

As a UK manufacturer we are innovating wherever possible to avoid incoming price instability, material shortages, and supply chain closures. The recent shut down of Italy, a country which produces large volumes of disposable paper products for many of our competitors will undoubtedly impact raw paper material supplies, as suppliers/manufacturers seek alternative supply routes for both raw materials and finished product. That situation will more than likely result in additional pressure on our own raw material supply chain despite being primarily UK or none EU based for our materials. We are monitoring that situation as closely as we can.

We do not plan to increase our pricing at this time; however, we continue to monitor this fluid situation very closely.

We are also currently developing new solutions to reduce product shortages including new hand sanitiser options from alternative sources and repurposing wet wipe materials to create additional antibacterial wipe lines. We have seen some success finding component parts and raw materials outside of the typical (and currently effected) areas which we are bringing together to present as options to our customer base.

We are aiming to service all customers across our customer base with available resources. We do not expect disruption regarding the majority of our product portfolio at this time but are conscious that this situation is developing on an hourly basis. We will continue to take orders of all products, including hand sanitising and antibacterial wiping products but please be aware of the following –

  • Lead times will potentially be extended for some hand sanitiser and associated products currently seeing up to 12-week extensions.
  • Orders are being dealt with using a first come first served basis BUT –
    • Customers ordering above their monthly averages may be asked to reduce certain volumes due to current demands.
    • New customers to MGUK do not form part of any queues and we may in fact not be able to service new customers at this time.
    • You may be sent only part of your order, as we are splitting volumes to service as many customers as possible.
    • Some customers are being prioritised i.e. Healthcare providers.
  • Some current hand care and associated products may look and feel different i.e. if we can get product to market by using a cap top instead of a pump top, we may do so. This may be necessary to sidestep shortages in component parts or unnecessary price hikes.
  • Whilst we are doing all we can, we have identified some products that may see unavoidable price impact over the coming weeks due to measures far beyond our control. These currently include –
    • Hand Sanitising Products
    • Antibacterial Wiping Products
    • Gloves
    • Coveralls
    • Masks
  • Whilst others may be tempted to make excessive profits, we do not believe it is fair to do so within the current climate and we have a responsibility to ensure the product is available to those that need it.

We will continue to do all we can to mitigate any instability and combat profiteering on your behalf.

Any product lines seeing unavoidable price fluctuations will be highlighted prior to orders being accepted.

Thank you for your continued support.
Our website has some useful display materials that may help maintain a healthy work place – COVID-19 Support

We would remind people to consider a more robust cleaning regime which includes the introduction of sanitiser cleaners and disinfectants. If you have any further questions regarding this developing situation or product line options to help combat bacteria, please contact your Sales Manager.


Update 18/03/2020

Lead Time Extensions

Due to the continued unprecedented demand on Merton Group product and services, your orders may see a delay in their lead time.#

This could be up to 3 days currently.

We apologise if you do see any delays and appreciate your understanding. We are doing everything we can to sustain product supply to all of our customers during this increasingly challenging time.

Trade Counter Closure

To enable us to focus essential resources where necessary and to protect our personnel as best we can, we will be closing our Trade Counter at 1pm today (18/3/2020) until further notice. This is a temporary measure during the coronavirus crisis and we will update you as soon as this changes.

Update 24/03/2020

MGUK fall under the ‘Food and other necessary goods’ category (production, processing, distribution, sales and delivery of hygienic goods) which means we will continue to operate and supply our goods through this crisis for as long as possible. We do not expect or plan to close as our goods are essential and are working internally to protect our operation as much as possible. With an ever developing situation such as this we do not know if that might change or be forced to change but will communicate any developments to the customer base as soon as possible.

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