Essential Post Brexit Warehousing Development Opens Ahead of Schedule

WH 10

Merton Group UK Ltd are pleased to announce the opening of our new warehouse facility!

Built with the unknowns of Brexit and ongoing challenges of COVID in mind, the new facility offers essential additional warehousing space for much needed buffer stock.

The planned development was completed on December 21st, ahead of schedule and is now being filled with UK manufactured essentials like MGUK SupaGreen Toilet Roll and MGUK Viral Plus Sanitiser.

Part of MGUK’s EU Exit Resilience Strategy, the new warehousing space is capable of housing over 1500 pallets of additional stock on site at our Leicester HQ.

The Operations Team at MGUK are extremely proud of the new space –

“In a year when a lot of businesses are shying away from development, we have been bold enough to tackle the ongoing challenges head-on. This will allow us to continue to service our Customer base as we have done throughout this pandemic and as we will continue to do whilst the unknowns of Brexit unfold.” – Richard Grainger – MGUK Operations Manager¬†

“I’m very proud of the Team, who have completed this project in unprecedented times and ahead of schedule. This project has improved our capabilities and strengthens our position to deliver our services” – Phil Tipton – MGUK Operations Director¬†¬†

The new warehouse will be used to increase stock holding of essential and potentially high-risk products (those under Brexit stress) and will continue MGUK’s history of investment.

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