Laundry Dosing System Triple Pump & Remote Control

Product number: 4309

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A triple auto laundry dosing pump that carries destainer, detergent and fabric softener, dispensing automatically into all types of washing machine at the correct time in the cycle.

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Auto-dosing gives a simple, accurate, calibrated dose of each product at the right time in the laundry cycle. Use of auto-dosing is more economical as there can be no costly wastage caused by staff manually overdosing. Also better from a health and safety point of view, there are no trip and slip hazards due to spillage and no risk of mishaps due to staff having direct contact with concentrated chemicals. This is a triple auto laundry dosing pump that can carry a destainer, a detergent and a fabric softener (available from our Envomatic range in both 5 litre and 20 litre sized containers). Comes with a remote control.

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