NX 300 LITHIUM BATTERY .37.8100(300W/Hr) PACKED .UN3480 V2

Product number: 13994

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Numatic NX 300 with Battery , long lasting ,run time at full charge 60 minutes,Compatible with all NX300

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Numatic have developed the ultimate professional battery, designed to be compatible with all of the machines in their ever growing NX300 Pro Cordless range. This means you only require one battery for a variety of machines, saving you time as well as money.
The NX300 battery incorporates a new 30 cell design which offers a 60% increase in energy storage compared to Numatic’s previous batteries, giving you a longer run time in each machine.
Each battery will last up to 2500 full charge cycles, giving you over 3000 hours of run time in its life time (that’s a lot of hours!).

Runtime at full charge is 80 minutes on the NX vacuum cleaners (50 minutes if operating on Hi settings). Runtime at full charge is 60 minutes on the NX

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