Save A Salary

Save A Salary

Stop washing away your budgets… there is no better time to Save A Salary.

Still buying over priced brands?

Not sure what’s in your cleaning cupboard or why?

Are your customers and employees flushing away your budgets when finances couldn’t be any tighter?

We would like to offer you a completely free, no obligation review of your cleaning, washroom and janitorial supplies and we aim to save you enough money to cover at least one salary!


Managing budgets is never easy and with everything that has happened in the last 12 months it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.

We often see companies spending way too much on their cleaning and janitorial items whilst getting very little support or added value. Why pay over £40 or £50 for a case of soap when you could be paying £18? Why keep throwing toilet cleaner literally down the toilet everyday, by the 1 litre bottle when you could be using a super concentrate 1 litre that creates 25 litres of product for under 30 pence a litre? Why are you worrying about colour coding, wallcharts and MSDS compliance when we can cover all of that for you – for free.

We would like to offer you, completely free with no obligation –

  • Portfolio review – to cut away unnecessary spend, eliminate expensive options and introduce greener cost savings
  • Compliance support – to ensure confidence in your duty of care and eliminate training and H&S issues 
  • Site surveys – to make sure you are using the right products for the right job and reduce in-use products  
  • Consolidation & conversion proposal – an opportunity to see the bottom line effects of what we are proposing, from cost savings to improved purchasing power
  • Dispensers on loan – escape costly brand lock-ins (like soaps and toilet paper) with a refreshed fleet of dispensers at no cost to you
  • Innovation trials – see the results for yourself with on site testing of innovations you are not familiar with like Ecodosing (click here) 

We are experts at what we do because we are –

  • 40 years strong and still growing every year
  • A UK manufacturer of disposable paper products
  • National suppliers with a local company approach
  • Multi-scale able to service big bulk needs or singles to each of your sites

Let us create cost savings for you and we are confident we can save at least one salary, if not many more…

Simply complete the form below (its very quick) and we will be in touch within 24 hours, probably straight away.

Alternatively you can call our Sales office and they will connect you to your local MGUK representative – 0116 231 4040.

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