Terms and Conditions

FOL – What does that mean?

How does it work?


There are currently 3 different ways to secure FREE ON LOAN dispensers –

  • General Supply Agreement including FOL Dispensers
    This is an agreement between MGUK and yourself which includes the supply of FOL Dispensers based on simple factors like minimum spend and length of agreement.
    These agreements generally cover your entire estate as and when required.
  • FOL Dispenser Agreement
    This is a specific agreement that covers only the supply of FOL Dispensers based on product level minimum spend and length of agreement.
    These agreements are generally client/site specific.
  • 3-Way FOL Dispenser Agreement
    These agreements include yourself and your client and are generally used when direct Supply Agreements are not in place and/or the contract you have in place with your client may not be long enough or robust enough to cover FOL Dispensers. Based on similar factors these allow your client/site to take responsibility for dispenser supplies beyond any independent contract/agreement you might have in place with them.

How are dispensers supplied?

Once an agreement is in place a site survey is completed by us and we then arrange to supply and typically fit the dispensers.

That initial supply and fit is generally FREE of charge subject to standard access and minimum fitting levels.

We usually like a minimum of 10 dispensers for a visit.

As you add more sites or grow your company we are on hand to conduct additional surveys as required.

What sort of dispensers are covered by an FOL agreement?

Typically, our agreements cover the white modular range of dispensers we offer.

Any automatic or mechanical powered dispensers are not covered.

The dispenser offering can be discussed with your Account Manager if you wish to negotiate additional dispensers in your range.

How is it monitored?

Once installed, our ERP system monitors associated spend, product turnover and contract spend to ensure the appropriate level of stock is being called off to match your agreement.

What if there is an issue with the dispensers?

Please contact our Customer Support Unit or your Account Manager if you have any issues once dispensers have been installed.

  • If any dispensers/components are faulty within their warranty period (usually 12 months), we will replace them FOC.

What if we want more dispensers after a site has been installed?

Once the site is setup you can acquire dispensers in the following way –

  • If any dispensers/components are faulty within their warranty period (usually 12 months), we will replace them FOC.
  • If any dispensers/components are damaged, you can purchase a replacement from us.
  • If the site is being extended or redeveloped, you can discuss an additional survey with us, and we can supply additional dispensers FOL under the same agreement.
  • If you want more dispensers for other purposes, you can purchase them from us.

Can we have our own branded dispensers?

Yes, but a volume driven stock holding agreement would be needed to cover the commitment to bespoke branding. Most opt for our own environmental crest (which is being updated in 2024).

What happens at the end of a contract?

There are different options at the end of an agreement.

All agreements become rolling agreements after their initial term and the options will be discussed with you prior to signing anything.

In most cases the dispensers stay at the site, and we continue to supply product into them.

We do not use a captive system, so the options do include retention and alternative supply which makes everyone’s lives (including the cubicle walls!) a little easier.


Our full T&C’s are available here.