Envodose product range

The Envodose range of tabs and caps has been specifically designed to provide incredible cleaning power from concentrated sachets. By reducing space and delivery costs, Envodose is a product range for all situations and cleaning environments. Floor care, washroom, medical and catering areas are all cleaned with Envodose.

Not only are the Envodose products concentrated and highly effective, they are also pre-measured therefore reducing the risk of over dosing. Simply follow the dilution instructions and within seconds you’ll have a highly effective cleaning solution.

How can Envodose benefit me?

  • Reduced transport costs
  • Accurately dosed reducing product waste
  • Amazing range of effective products
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Rationalises your product usage


Envodose Caps


Envodose Caps will simply transform the way that you clean, for instance in one tub of 100 sachets there is enough cleaning power for 900 litres of cleaning solution. All that cleaning power in one small tub! Save space, reduce transportation costs and save waste. Envodose Caps offer the effective, environmentally conscious cleaning range.


Envodose Tabs


Adding one small sachet of Envodose Tabs to a water filled trigger spray allows you to clean almost any area. One small tub of Envodose Tabs is the equivalent of 20 trigger sprays worth of cleaning solution.

Envodose Tabs are created using the latest concentrated cleaning formulas so that every sachet has the same cleaning power as a regular trigger spray of cleaning chemical, without the waste and mess of normal products. Each sachet has been accurately measured so there is no chance of over dosing the solution therefore efficiently cleaning any area with no chance of product waste.

Each tub of Envodose Tabs is colour coded and easy to follow, just fill up a trigger spray as directed and start cleaning.