Mercury Foam Pouch Soap Dispenser Brushed Steel Effect

Product number: 2219

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The Mercury 800ml pouch foam dispenser has a brushed stainless steel cover plate for a stylish, modern finish. Takes all 800ml modular foaming soap and sanitiser pouches.

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The Mercury 800ml foam pouch dispensing system offers a stylish modern design with a brushed stainless steel cover plate. It has a viewing window at the side which helps identify when the pouch needs changing and it takes our full range of 800ml Modular pouch foam products. It is the ideal dispenser for high-end facilities, such as stylish hotels, trendy restaurants or executive restrooms. Dispensing an economical 0.6ml shot each time the pushbar is pressed which is foamed into a 20ml ball of product, this dispenser is economical in use and eco-friendly in terms of reduced packaging and transport costs with less product entering the waste system. Dimensions of the dispenser are 255mm high x 130mm wide x 120mm deep. Comes complete with wall fixings.

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