Modular Foam Pouch Soap Dispenser 1L White/Green

Product number: 2292

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Modular 800ml white plastic foam products dispenser with Skincare Management System logo. Takes all 800ml modular foaming soap and hand sanitiser pouches.

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The Modular 800ml foam pouch dispensing system offers a stylish design in white ABS plastic printed with a Skincare Management System logo. The dispenser has a viewing window which helps identify when the pouch needs changing. It takes our full range of 800ml Modular pouch foaming products, a selection of which can be mounted on our unique Skincare board for a full Skincare Management System. Dispensing an economical 0.6ml shot each time the pushbar is pressed which is foamed into a 20ml ball of product, this dispenser is economical in use and eco-friendly in terms of reduced packaging and transport costs with less product entering the waste system. Comes complete with wall fixings.

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