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Viral Plus Protection


Keeping your hands free from germs and bacteria couldn’t be easier.

Our Viral Plus range include skincare products that are certified to give protection:

  • Unique fully tested formulas which leave no sticky residue
  • Great range of sanitisers for the workplace or on the go
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including COVID-19
  • Effective protection where there is risk of cross infection

Products Include…

16069 VIRAL PLUS Pump Bottle Hand Sanitiser Gel 500ml
16591 VIRAL PLUS Dispenser Pouch Hand Sanitiser Gel 800ml
16034 VIRAL PLUS Hand Sanitiser Gel Refill 5L
22108 VIRAL PLUS Alcohol Free Foam Sanitiser Pump Bottle 200ml
22109 VIRAL PLUS Dispenser Pouch Alcohol Free Foam Sanitiser 800ml



Surface and laundry cleaners to help keep your environment clean and safe.

Our specially formulated Viral Plus cleaners are certified and approved:

  • Range of cleaners for floors, work surfaces and food preparation areas
  • Fully tested products that meet EU standards
  • Effective and powerful bactericidal solutions designed to combat nasty germs
  • Safe food area cleaner* can kill common food poisoning bacteria and viruses in minutes including COVID-19

Products Include…

160381 VIRAL PLUS Bactericidal & Viricidal Trigger Spray Cleaner 750ml
0986 VIRAL PLUS Bactericidal & Viricidal Cleaner 5L
06038 VIRAL PLUS *Food Area Safe Bactericidal & Viricidal Trigger Spray (unperfumed) 750ml
0691 VIRAL PLUS Bactericidal & Viricidal *Food Area Safe Cleaner (unperfumed) 5L
0995 VIRAL PLUS Skinsafe Sanitiser 5L (can also be used in our toilet seat sanitiser dispenser 2777)
0602 Ecodosing Food Area Safe Bactericidal & Viricidal Cleaner Sanitiser 1ltr (and 250ml)
1065 VIRAL PLUS Hard Surface Cleaner Bucket 100 tabs (Envodose)
0725 VIRAL PLUS Laundry Powder 9kg

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