Ecodosing Food Area Safe Cleaner Sanitiser 1L

Product number: 0602

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An effective concentrated and accurately dosed bactericidal detergent for use on all kitchen and canteen surfaces. Passes BS EN 1276. Economical in use.

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Ecodosing is a super concentrate which means a 1L bottle can refill 100 trigger spray bottles or 100 buckets! Food Area Safe, concentrated, bactericidal & virucidal detergent measured dosing system for use on all kitchen and canteen surfaces. Ideal for safely sanitising all commercial and industrial areas including kitchen and food production environments. Certified to EN 1276, 13704, 14476, 1650 and 14675. Can be used in both a trigger spray and bucket. Environmentally friendly as it saves on packaging, transport and storage. No additional dispenser required. Super economical in use with 100 measured shots per 1L bottle. Part of the Ecodosing range.