Ecodosing Washroom Cleaner 250ml

Product number: 270801

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A concentrated and accurately dosed washroom cleaner suitable for use on surfaces and toilet bowels passes BS EN 1276. Economical in use.

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Ecodosing is a super concentrate which means a 250ml bottle can refill 25 trigger spray bottles or 25 buckets!Pleasantly perfumed concentrated all round washroom cleaner containing a powerful bactericide. Kills bacteria on all hand touch surfaces, taps, toilet flush handles, door handles, also acts as a toilet bowl cleaner. Can be used in a bucket or with trigger spray bottles. Environmentally friendly as it saves on packaging, transport and storage. No additional dispenser required. Passes BS EN 1276. Super economical in use with 25 measured shots per 250ml bottle. Part of the Ecodosing range.

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